Klaus Moje Glass Award 2019

Conditions of entry

Please ensure you have read the conditions of entry.

Entry form

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Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details on eligibility.
In 200 words or less, please provide your artist statement. (Please note this is NOT a bio)
In 150 words or less, please explain how the submitted work fits into your practice. Include information about previous work or achievements which have contributed to the development of the entered work.
Submitted works must be made during the 2 years prior to 14 August 2019. (Please refer to the Conditions of Entry for further details)
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Please use the UPLOAD IMAGES button at the bottom of this page to upload three high resolution, print quality professional photographs of finished work. Please also include three to five process images (not required to be of professional standard).
Caption & Photo credit
Caption & Photo credit
Caption & Photo credit
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This Entry Form has been submitted with the full knowledge and agreement of myself and any other artists named in this Entry Form *
I have read the Conditions of Entry for the Klaus Moje Glass Award 2019 as published by Canberra Glassworks and this entry meets all Conditions. *

Here is a helpful “how to” on using WeTransfer to upload images. Please upload the images via the link to: admin@kmga.com.au
All images must be high resolution, print quality with image file names following: Surname_First initial_Image no._Title of work
(eg. Blogs_Joe_Image1_Glass Art Title)